In Mike's Nikes
Nobody will read this..

Why as humans can we leap from airplanes and live, dive to the depths of the ocean and tell the tale after, climb the sides of mountains and make it to the top, but we can’t go back on what we have said?

Why must we leave such an imprint?

I’m in the most beautiful place: Costa Rica. Today was incredible. I white water rafted, zip lined through a canyon, took a bath in hot volcanic mud and springs, and stood at the top of a waterfall. I can’t enjoy the beautiful things around me because I’m thinking about home. And home is wherever you are. And I don’t know where you are.

As I try to put it together in my head, the billion possibilities of what could be happening to me right now at this very moment, the pit in my throat grows bigger.

What may seem like nothing to you may mean the world to someone else. Always try to see that.

So I ask again: Why is it that we can’t go back on what we have said?

Because someone listened closely.


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